If only they knew…

ShortSunday #11


‘Freedom is such a curious concept.’

The girl looked through the prison bars to see who had spoken the words. Outside stood one of the prison guards. He had a truly vile look on his face.

‘You believed yourself to be a free woman and used that freedom to break the law,’ he continued. ‘Now you are locked in here as my prisoner.’

He seemed to enjoy his power. If only he knew what was to come. If only he knew that by the end of the day, he would be the one sitting in this cell.

‘My freedom cannot be taken from me,’ she replied. ‘It is mine to give and I’m not a generous person. You will soon understand this lesson.’

The guard started laughing. It echoed through the walls of the dungeon. The other prisoners, who had long ago lost their minds, joined in.

If only they knew.

Have a nice Sunday!


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