Challenge Accepted

Well-Done-Wednesday #1


I did it! I wrote a post a day for the month of January. I’ve finished Bloguary. I wrote 31 posts. Some were better than others, but I didn’t give up. At times I wanted to, but I kept going. It feels strange, knowing I won’t have to worry about writing a post every day.

I started Bloguary to challenge myself, but more importantly I wanted to invest more time in my blog and it worked. When you put in the extra effort, you will immediately see the results. I encourage you to try this challenge!

However, this was just the beginning. There are more goals want to achieve. And I don’t want to go back to posting only once a month. Posting every day is a bit much, but I’ve realised that I work better when I have deadlines. That’s why I’ll be making a posting schedule for the month of February to keep challenging myself. I think I will focus on writing at least two, but preferably three posts a week. So you’ll be hearing from me soon. Probably not this week (I’m starting my new job tomorrow). But soon!

I just want to say: Job well done!

Have a nice Wednesday!



  1. Welldone, and congrats!

    Well, I might not exactly write everyday really, but I definitely will not mind doing so much mote often myself when I resume!

    So I’ll take that cue and create a schedule for myself this coming month. Welldone lady, and all the best on your new job.

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