What do you want?

For some reason, this question has been floating through my head a lot lately. It’s probably because of the IT traineeship I’ve started recently. This traineeship focuses on self-discovery and self-improvement as well as achieving ambitious work goals. However, to truly move forward and make improvements you need a goal. And in order to set a goal you need to know what you want! How else are you supposed to accomplish anything?

While beginning this new journey, I’ve realised that that this question is almost impossible to answer. I mean, how do you even begin to explain what you want? Some days I really want pizza for dinner, other days I want nothing more than to travel all around the world. Some days I wish I had been more brave and other days I wish I had said nothing at all.

As you can see, I’ve spend way too much time thinking about this. I did come to some interesting discoveries, though. Setting a goal at the end of the horizon can be really inspiring, but you need some smaller goals along the way if you want to keep moving forward. There are people in life who crawl their way out of the whomb knowing exactly what they want, others need some more time, and some will never really know at all. In the end it doesn’t really matter. Stop worrying about the end. All you need is a little victory waiting just around the corner.

Let me explain!

Focusing on the big picture will just get overwhelming. So instead, I’ve started giving myself small goals, little accomplishments with big celebrations. Sometimes it’s something as simple as only taking the stairs for the day. Other times I try to challenge myself to really step outside of my comfort zone. However, make sure the goal is concrete. You don’t want to have to convince yourself that you really accomplished to goal at the end of the day.

For example, talk to that intimidating colleague, is a lot more concrete than do something that scares you. And go for a 30 min run works a lot better than get some exercise!

You also don’t want to over do it. Stick to one goal a day. That’s it! Just make sure that it fits around that corner and you’re good to go!

What do you do when you don’t accomplish the goal? No worries, there’s always another corner ahead. Set the same goal for the next day or write it down and try some other time. Maybe you just weren’t ready yet! And there is such a long road ahead, you don’t want to rush it.

So, I ask you! Want do you want?

Have a nice Friday!




  1. Charlotte I am very much the same way! What I feel I want changes all that time. I do much like you said though. If I want to try and accomplish some change I break it down into small chunks so that I can feel the success of smal wins that build into something larger.

    There’s a financial planner/guru here in the US who preaches a very similar approach to getting out of debt. He says that if you are intense enough to get out of debt then waiting on higher interest won’t make much of a difference. Instead he says start paying off smallest debts first to build momentum and get those small wins. Then by the time you get to the big stuff it will feel like nothing.

    Great post!

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