Stuck in your Imagination

What am I doing here
In this land of your creation
You promised to fulfill my dreams
But instead I’m stuck in your imagination

Who are you trying to save
From this forgotten land
There is no one waiting for a savior
There is no one looking for a helping hand

When will it be time
For you to move on to better dreams
I can’t live in this corner of your brain
Where nothing is real, nothing is as it seems

Why won’t you let me go
Into the land without end
Let me leave this doomed hell
I beg off you, please give up my friend

How can you not see
That you have lost this fight
You will not win this battle
And the finish is almost in sight

Where do you think we will end up
when all of this is finally done
I imagine a place of peace and nothingness
A place where I will no longer have to run


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